Residential Spray Foam Insulation and Other Services

Spray Foam Etc. offers a wide range of services for residential clients. We can work on the insulation for an existing house as well as a new construction home. In addition, we offer crawlspace remediation, ventilation and many more. We don’t just spray your home; we can fix it as well.

Existing Home

If you own an older home, whether currently or previously, then you have probably lived with discomfort and inefficiency. These issues are most apparent during extreme weather conditions, such as the coldest nights during winter or the hottest days of the summer.

Problems such as drafts and extreme room and floor temperatures are quite common in older homes, but can also be present in new ones as well. In the latter case, this is perhaps due to unprofessional workmanship.

Whether you experience these issues in an old home or a new one, during summer or winter, you still feel like there is something wrong—because there is. In fact, these problems may even keep you from enjoying or using a particular space in your house. If that is the case, then you may have a building envelope deficiency that must be addressed. Let us handle this for you.

New Construction

At Spray Foam Etc., we are dedicated to your overall satisfaction. We achieve this by carefully choosing the members of our staff, hiring only highly trained estimators, project managers, and installers.

We urge you to look at your home construction project in terms of the systems approach. Our belief is that learning how the different parts of your house interact with each other is just as important as selecting the right ones.

Our team wants nothing but the best for your home. When your construction experience is successful, ours is as well.

Crawlspace Remediation


What It Is

A vented crawlspace either has foundation vents or is an open-air space under the home. It should have temperature and humidity similar to the outside environment. This means that a home with a vented crawlspace should come with proper ventilation. It must be equipped with a working vapor barrier that covers the earth, and it should also have insulation in its subfloor system.

Common Issues

There are many problems with vented crawlspaces. First, the ground is rarely covered, allowing for excessive moisture, vapor, and humidity in the area. Second, the floor systems we have seen throughout the years are seldom insulated properly—if at all. Combined, these two deficiencies are a terrible mix. Luckily, we came up with a solution.

A Better Alternative

A different kind of crawlspace design that has gained much popularity in recent years is the unvented or sealed crawlspace. This came about as a product of advances in our knowledge of building science and the aforementioned systems approach. Our Sure-Start Ventless Crawlspace System typically includes the following services:

  • Setting Up Temporary Mechanical Ventilation to Force Crawl Into Negative Pressure
  • Grading Soil and Add Gravel in Low Area at Access
  • Providing Drainage As Necessary, Spreading Lime Flakes Over Soil As Needed
  • Cleaning / Swabbing All Areas of Subfloor, Pipes With Pro Clean 100 Cleaner or Equal
  • Application of Forticel Crawlspace Coating on Subfloor
    Including Joists
  • Installing 12 20 Mil Dura-Skrim Liner to Cover Ground and up Walls and Piers Several Inches (This Liner Will Be Overlapped and Sealed According to Manufacturers Recommendations)
  • Spraying Closed Cell Foam to All Perimeter Walls, Leaving 3″ Termite Inspection Gap Sealing Liner to Piers With
    Adhesive Tape
  • Closing All Vents in Space (Note: Closed Cell Foam Is More Appropriate Due to Its Low Perm Rating of Less Than 1 Perm)
  • Spraying Rim Juices With Foam
  • Installing a Sealed Access Door
  • Providing Dehumidification and Make-Up Air If Needed

Our sealed crawlspace systems will:

  • Improve the Air Quality Inside
    Your Home
  • Increase Comfort
  • Protect Your Wood Floors From Cupping or Buckling
  • Add Usable, Dry Storage Space to
    Your Home
  • Provide Energy Savings of Up to 20%
    per Year

"Crawl spaces are real simple to understand and deal with. When you vent crawl spaces you bring in hot, humid air and cause moisture and mold problems."

— Joseph Lstiburek, Ph.D., P.Eng., ASHRAE Insulation


Ventilation systems provide enough fresh air to keep the occupants of a house healthy. They also remove odors, dilute indoor pollutants, and lower the relative indoor humidity.

A balanced system with energy recovery ventilation (ERV) functionality is the preferred solution in the Southeastern part of the country. That is because it has the lowest operating cost among all the available options.


At Spray Foam Etc., we have something even better. Our ventilation system is powered by a small, solar photovoltaic panel. It works like this:

An ERV brings fresh air into a home while simultaneously exhausting stale air out of it. In most systems, the fresh air is delivered to the living room and bedrooms while the stale air is removed through bathrooms, laundry rooms, and—sometimes—the kitchen.

The ERV allows some of the moisture in the more humid airstream—usually the stale air during winter and the fresh air during summer—to be transferred to the dryer airstream. This relocation of moisture is called an enthalpy transfer, and it occurs with very little mixing between the two streams.

Insulation Removal

If you need insulation removed from your home, don’t go with unskilled and inexperienced laborers. This is a dangerous way to do an already risky job. For instance, they could inadvertently contaminate your home or get into an accident while walking on your ceilings.

Thankfully, there is a better way to go about this task. You can depend on us to do the job correctly. Here are the reasons why you should choose us:

  • Trained Installers
  • No Dust Created Through the Process
    of Cleaning
  • Use of State-of-the-Art
    Truck-Mounted System
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction
  • No Deposit Required, Pay
    Upon Completion
  • Fully Certified and Insured
  • Free Quotes/No Obligation

Give us a call at (800) 211-1342 for safe and thorough insulation removal and replacement services.